Inside: If you’re a chemo patient, then you definitely need a chemo care package. This chemo care kit will help you get through the nasty chemo side effects and help you thrive through your treatments.

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Do You Have A Chemo Care Package? You Need This Now!

You’re getting ready to start chemo. If you’re like me, you went through the panic already and you’ve dealt with the anger (maybe you’re still doing this part, but that’s o.k.). Now you’re getting ready for your first appointment and everyone is telling you what to expect.

First of all, DON’T listen to them. Even if they’ve been through chemo themselves, their cancer was not your cancer and your treatment protocol will be different too!

Wondering how to prepare? I can help.

Cancer Strikes

Everyone knows that chemo is no picnic, but if you’re properly prepared with this chemo care package, you’ll be ready when (if) the side effects come.

Now you get ready. Ready mentally, Spiritually AND physically. In this post, I’ll help you with the physical part by preparing your own personal chemo care package. Incidentally, you can create these for others who are going through chemo and personalize them to their needs.

Before you start chemo, if you haven’t done a great job with nutrition, don’t fret about it. If there’s just one thing I would recommend to you, it would be to get yourself on a good probiotic RIGHT NOW! Take it all during chemo. I found Floragen.  I can’t encourage you enough to get going on this right away. And, if you’re already done with chemo, then you should still do this. It’s never too late!

Chemo Starts

You’ve probably been told that you’ll have a long day the first time and then, each additional session will be a bit less time. This is true. But what you may not have been told is that (depending on your specific chemo clinic) you may have the option of having a private room with a bed. You may have your own television or you might have a room with your own bathroom. You may also bring with you some personal items to help you through the day. This is where your chemo survival kit comes into play.

Chemo day will be a long one generally speaking, so it’s great to bring along your own little hospital survival kit. Start with a small fabric tote and start filling it up with items that you’ll want with you to get you through the day.

My own chemo care kit contained my iPad, a pen, a word search game book, my lunch for the day, a couple bottles of water, and anything else that I felt like bringing on any given chemo day. But chemo day is just where it begins. The days surrounding chemo are when you’ll notice the side effects if you’re going to get them, not necessarily ON chemo day.

Chemo Survival Kit

Help Is Here

When you’re home resting, or going to work, you will likely notice the side effects begin. One of the most common complaints from a chemo patient is a ‘metallic’ taste in the mouth that can make eating undesirable. Here is a great product to help mask the taste and help with dry mouth at the same time. These are Luden’s Moisture Drops and the reviews are great!

Since dry Mouth can be a problem too and sometimes comes with mouth sores, Biotene Dry Mouth Mouthwash can be a great help. Its alcohol free which is a BIG deal if you have mouth sores along with the dryness. There’s no burning and it just helps!

Throughout the day you may want something more portable – especially if you’re at your desk hard at work. Oasis Mouth Spray for Dry Mouth is a nice little item because it lasts up to two hours and BONUS: it freshens your breath too!

I also found that just rinsing with apple cider vinegar (mixed with water) would offer relief. This can be done several times throughout the day as needed.

Queasy Pops are good for a couple of things. They help with dry mouth and they also settle your stomach if you’re one of those patients who experience nausea.

Constipation was a problem for me for a few days around chemo. I tried taking that liquid stuff, but it really didn’t help much. Stool softeners? Nope. You know what worked for me? Prune Juice! That’s right. Grandma knew what she was talking about with that one! While you’re on Amazon, you may want to consider ordering some or all of your staples there. You might not feel like venturing out to the grocery store much during chemo.

You Are Not Alone

I have some other great ideas that really worked during my own chemo treatments.  It’s from a post I wrote called How To Be Healthy In Spite Of Cancer.

You can also check out this post I found Serena who lost several family members to cancer. She writes about natural cures as well as great foods (and recipes) to help you through chemo. The post is called: Appealing and Healthy Dinner Options For People Using Chemotherapy. She has some good information and I hope you’ll like it as much as I did.

The best advice I can offer you is to remember that you are NOT alone in this. There are many people who have not just gone through chemo, but they have come out the other side much stronger! Having a chemo care package can be a big part of that.

What Are Your Tricks?

If you’re a chemo patient now or were in the past, what got you through? I hope you’ll share your tips and tricks with me. Let me know how you did it!

Please leave your name and e-mail at the bottom so you won’t miss any helpful information on how you can THRIVE through the treatments like I did!

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