What were you told about your cancer when you were diagnosed?  Did the doctor say that you won’t make it?  Perhaps the doc said that you have a pretty good chance.  I have something to say on this subject and you’re gonna want to read it!  Check this out…

Winning the Battle


Let me just start by saying that I don’t know more than your doctor does.  Not a chance! BUT…if you’re going to take the prognosis that your doctor gives you and make that your reality, then we need to talk!


First off, how many times have you heard of a cancer patient getting a prognosis that was very grim, only to find out that after a second opinion, they were given a completely different outlook? Well, it happens all the time.

One doctor might say that there’s no hope and then another doctor knows of a new treatment option and suddenly your future looks completely different than you were told.

It seems to me that what’s important in this fight with cancer is your attitude!  That’s it. It’s up to you how you want this to go down. You can take what you’re told and just roll over and give up – OR – you can FIGHT!

I highly recommend you choose to fight. I mean, really? It’s the best way to go about any problem and by taking the right mental attitude, you may be able to change the outcome!

Losing the Battle

I really take exception to this phrase. Obituary notices that say, “Jane Doe lost her battle with cancer.” How sad really. What you don’t know, what NO-ONE knows is that Jane Doe probably fought the cancer with every ounce of her being. She may have had the most positive, uplifting attitude of anyone you’ve ever met.

Jane Doe may very well have been the bright ray of sunshine in the lives of many people. She may have become a patient advocate for other cancer patients who couldn’t fight for themselves.

My guess is that when you read that obituary, you probably whispered to yourself, “Oh, that’s so sad.” I know I have.

But here’s the real truth about what MIGHT have happened and you may not even know. Yes, Jane Doe died from her cancer but did she lose the fight? I say, “NO!” She didn’t lose the fight and I’ll tell you why.

Jane Doe looked at her cancer as something that she was to learn from. It was something that she used to help others. Jane’s cancer became her crusade! She not only embraced her cancer, but she did all that she could to educate her friends and her family on this beast.

She found ways to help other cancer patients who didn’t know where to look for the help that they needed. She spent HOURS in prayer for them and for others who needed prayer support in their everyday lives. Jane became a voice for so many who were either afraid to speak about their cancer or just didn’t know how.

I would like to think that Jane CONQUERED her cancer. It may have taken her life, but it did NOT take her spirit.  Jane did NOT lose the battle to cancer!

Fighting the Battle

So, how do you fight this battle that you had no intention of entering into? You do what any great war hero has ever done…you FACE the giant!


Yes, you have to listen as the doctor tells you that you have the dreaded disease that you didn’t want.  Yes, you have to make decisions regarding your treatment options. Yes, you have to endure this experience that is NOT fun.

Consider this: you have a choice.  That choice is whether you’re going to have a good attitude or a bad one. It’s entirely up to you. You can listen to the people who (bless their hearts) offer their sympathy and give you ‘that look’ as they hug you and say without saying that you’ve had a good life after all.


You can take the high road and be like Jane Doe. You can look this beast directly in the eye and say, “I’m not going down without a fight!” And then you fight!

You fight with all you’ve got inside you. And when you can’t fight anymore, you find the strength to go a little further.

All the while, you must be praying and asking God to fight this fight with you. Don’t make promises to Him if he spares you this thing, rather just thank Him for it and watch every day for blessings. You’ll see them, I promise.

Ask For Help

This is IMPORTANT! You need to enlist the help of as many prayer warriors as you can. When I was diagnosed, we put it out there on every prayer chain we could find.  I invited in as many Christian people as I could. And you know what? God heard their prayers.

You can’t do this alone so don’t even try. If you have no one – absolutely NO ONE – then ask God to send you SOMEONE. Someone to pray with you and for you.

If you’re not in a church, then get into a good, Bible believing church. They’re easy enough to find online and you can read their statement of faith usually on their website. Call the church secretary and tell him or her a little bit about yourself and ask for help.

So How Are You Going to Fight?

It’s up to you. You can sit back and feel sorry for yourself and just die or you can be like Jane and FIGHT! I highly recommend the latter. You’ll be so glad you did! Besides, there are other cancer patients who need you! So get going! And please let me know how you’re doing. I want to hear from you! Let me hear about YOUR victory! Send me an e-mail.

Kick Cancer, Cancer, Beat Cancer,

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5 comments on “Did you know? You Don’t Have to Lose The Battle With Cancer!”

    • Michele, you are, and have been. a great inspiration to me, as well as to many others. This is a great blog, one that I hope will reach the eyes of many who are fighting a battle of some kind, not just cancer sufferers, for your suggestions go far beyond a single health issue.

    • Michele, your words are truly inspirational, not only for cancer sufferers, but for those, like myself, who are battling other health issues.

  1. Michele, you are, and have been. a great inspiration to me, as well as to many others. This is a great blog, one that I hope will reach the eyes of many who are fighting a battle of some kind, not just cancer sufferers, for your suggestions go far beyond a single health issue.

  2. Michele, you are an inspiration; not only to those battling Cancer, but other health issues as well. Through it all, you’ve looked to God for your strength, your faith kept you strong, and your thoughts stayed positive. You relinquished the battle to the Lord, and used your Cancer as an avenue to helping others. You give hope, not only to me, but to all others in the midst of a battle. Thank you, dear one.

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