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7 Ways To Survive Chemo

  Chemo is a strange thing.  It’s a means to an end – hopefully an end to your cancer.  Chemo is a very good example of how the cure is often worse than the disease. But, everyone’s story is different, so don’t go by what others have experienced.  Your friend may have had an awful […] Read more…

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Everyone’s Journey is Different

You’ve been given the dreaded diagnosis. Right now, you’re probably thinking of all the people in your life who have had cancer and how horrible it was, right? First off, DON’T PANIC!  Everyone’s cancer journey is different. Just because you know someone who had a rough time doesn’t mean that you will too. Your story […] Read more…

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Common Lies People Believe About Cancer

“This Isn’t Really Happening” When you were first told that you have cancer, chances are that you didn’t believe it.   Sure, you heard the words and yes, you were actually sitting in the doctor’s office after having the tests, but getting the news somehow didn’t seem like a real possibility.  You may have told […] Read more…

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